Is Telfast good for skin allergy?

Is Telfast good for skin allergy?

Itchy skin or itchy throat to the extent of breathing difficulty after eating seafood or any food that triggers such symptoms could be associated with an allergic reaction. Allergy is a reaction of the human body towards foreign substances that usually does not trigger excessive body response in other normal people. Allergic reaction is more than just itchy skin and swollen lips or face as it could be dangerous when it involves the respiratory system. It could be deadly when it becomes an anaphylactic shock. There are a number of medicines that help to treat such conditions such as Telfast 180 mg.

Telfast contains fexofenadine hydrochloride which is known as a non-drowsy antihistamine. Antihistamine works to reduce many symptoms of allergy. In general, an allergy is a reaction of the human body towards foreign substances which usually does not cause excessive body response in other normal people. Foreign substances or allergens such as pollen, bee venom and protein such as egg and seafood can trigger allergic reactions in people with allergies due to presence of histamine. Histamine is a chemical in the body that is present in the bloodstream as a product of the body reaction. Histamine is responsible for the allergic symptoms. Common symptoms of allergies include itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes and hives. In certain circumstances, stomach cramps and vomiting may occur. Thus, antihistamines in general work by blocking the histamines from causing allergic symptoms.

Telfast is used to treat allergic symptoms including skin allergy. It is a good medication in reducing symptoms associated with skin allergy. This is especially true in chronic idiopathic urticaria. Chronic idiopathic urticaria is hives that last more than 6 weeks and may last for 5 years with unknown causes. It is important for patients suspected with allergic reactions to take this medicine as instructed by doctors and it is best for patients with symptoms suspected of an allergy to get proper diagnosis from a doctor.

Telfast is recommended to be used in people aged 12 and older. Telfast can be used for everyone except for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It is better for pregnant and breastfeeding women to discuss with their healthcare provider before taking Telfast or even any medicine. This is important to prevent any possible danger that may harm their life and the baby. Due to the nature of the disease of allergic reaction that can be manifested in many ways which does seem similar to one and another kind of allergic reaction, it is important for a person to only take the medicine as prescribed or instructed by the doctor. Patients should never self-treat without medical supervision especially if the allergic reaction is their first time.

Telfast is best used at the same time of the day. This helps patients to remember to take it regularly. Taking Telfast regularly helps to maximise the drug’s effectiveness. Patients should not stop taking this medicine unless instructed by a doctor. Always take this medicine according to the dose and frequency stated by the doctor.

Telfast, just as with any other medicine, does have potential side effects. It is worth noting that side effects are usually mild and unusual. Common side effects reported are headache, drowsiness, dizziness and nausea. If a patient is taking other medicine to treat stomach issues such as antacid that contains magnesium or aluminium, Telfast effectivity may be compromised. Thus, it is advisable for those planning to take antacid with Telfast, to take antacid at least 15 minutes before or after taking Telfast. The best time to take Telfast and antacid is to leave a 2 hours gap in between the two medicines. Patients with kidney issues should notify their healthcare provider. This allows doctors to make adjustments aiming to avoid further kidney complications.

Antihistamines are typically associated with feeling sleepy or drowsy as its side effect but Telfast is unlikely to be causing this. However, if a person feels worried, feeling sleepy or drowsy, they should check with their healthcare provider before taking this medicine. If patients do feel sleepy or drowsy after taking this medicine, they should avoid working with machines or driving vehicles on their own.

Besides taking medicine, patients should take extra steps to reduce symptoms. Taking extra steps can help them feel better much faster compared to solely depending on medicine. These extra steps include identifying triggers and avoiding it, learning to manage stress, avoid using skin products containing harsh chemicals and discuss with doctors on a low histamine diet or supplements that can help improve immune function. There is no cure for allergy or urticaria but medicines available help to reduce the symptoms and reduce the frequency or severity of the condition. Any question or enquiries regarding this medicine or allergy symptoms should always be addressed to a doctor. Never self-treat this condition as skin conditions caused by allergy or urticaria may resemble other medical conditions. Thus, it is best to get checked by a doctor and receive the right safe medication from the doctor.

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