What Transgender Women and Nonbinary People Should Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery in 2022?

What Transgender Women and Nonbinary People Should Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery in 2022?

The most popular form of surgery for nonbinary and transgender people is a procedure to enlarge the breasts and alter the curvature of the chest. It is also known as breast augmentation, chest construction, breast mammoplasty, or feminizing breast surgery.

As a step in the process of resolving discomfort when gender identification differs from the sex assigned at birth (gender dysphoria/incongruence), top surgery for transgender women and nonbinary people may be performed. Transgender women and nonbinary people can use the surgery to transition to their self-affirmed gender physically.

1- Why is it done?

When seeking top surgery, transgender women and nonbinary people may feel uncomfortable since their gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.

Nonbinary and transgender people have diverse relationships with their bodies and must make their own choices. Although many transgender and nonbinary people utilize hormone therapy to promote breast growth, they may not feel that the resulting breast size is satisfactory. Some women sport padded bras or fake breasts. Others decide to undergo surgery to alter the look of their chest.

Most surgeons and insurance companies demand one letter of support from a mental health professional experienced in transgender health before having surgery. The mental health professional will decide if you meet the World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s standards of care.

According to the requirements, you must:

  • Possess ongoing, well-established gender dysphoria.
  • Possess the legal capacity to make healthcare decisions in your nation.
  • Be in control of any serious physical or psychological issues.

Before MTF breast augmentation surgery, your healthcare professional might advise that you start hormone therapy if that aligns with your gender aspirations. It is advised to use hormone therapy for at least 12 months before surgery unless there is a medical reason not to or you are otherwise unable or unable to do so.

2- Risks 

Top surgery for transgender women and nonbinary people carries the same risks as any other major surgery, including the possibility of bleeding, infection, and a negative anesthetic reaction.

There may be further issues, such as:

  • Scar tissue that alters the breast implant’s form
  • Collection of fluid beneath the skin
  • Substantial blood clots throughout your tissues
  • Breast ache
  • Breast wrinkles or an unbalanced chest
  • Displacement, leak, or infection of the implant
  • After-surgery dissatisfaction with appearance

These issues may require additional surgery to correct. You can potentially require implant replacement ten years after MTF breast augmentation surgery

3- How do you get ready

MTF breast augmentation surgery for nonbinary and transgender people waits until they are adults.

You will consult with a plastic or reconstructive breast surgeon before top surgery. Consult a surgeon with experience doing this procedure and board certification. The doctor will outline your options and likely outcomes. The surgeon will also discuss the anesthesia, the venue of the treatment, and the nature of any potential follow-up surgeries.

Follow the particular instructions given to you by your healthcare provider for getting ready for your treatments, including advice on what to eat and drink, how to change your current medications, and how to stop smoking.

You will also need to fulfill several requirements before having top surgery. Your medical professional will first assess your health to identify any issues that can impair therapy.

The assessment might consist of:

  • A review of the medical records for you and your family
  • A medical checkup
  • Your testosterone levels are measured in the lab
  • Suitable screenings for each gender and age
  • Identification and treatment of alcohol, drug, and cigarette use
  • HIV testing and other therapy, if required, for sexually transmitted diseases.

The rundown 

Similar to procedures for cisgender women, transgender women, and nonbinary people can get breast augmentation using the same general concepts.

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